Sing: The Art Of The Love Song

Glimpse what is possibly the most exciting performance of a love song ever. STING LIVE, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; 'Whenever I Say Your Name'.StingLiveInBerlin

When I took my lovely wife to the New Zealand version of this concert, I was hoping for a special evening.  I wrongly assumed the orchestra would be back-up to Stings band. Intoxicatingly the orchestra was the band!

The layered harmony and all encompassing sound of the NZ symphony orchestra with maestro conductor, Steven Mercurio, was so full and powerful, yet quite unlike a typical amped ‘rock’ sound. The experience was pure magic! On the attached track, stick around for the Marsalis solo, when the Orchestra really becomes a Jazz-Rock 'over-drive' sound machine!

Now Imagine me 'filling-in' on the 'school run' at 8:30 A.M.  The girls have named our Champagne Merc, Samantha.  I love the Merc's willingness to beep, whenever I get too close to anything, only slightly less than its Bose sound system. Once buckled up our twins almost always chant, 'push track #9', ‘Whenever I Say Your Name’, starts playing perhaps  the hundredth time! ‘Turn it up dad’, they say. From the moment the 1st violinist starts, the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up, I'm with my 'girlfriend' at the Hawkes Bay N.Z. concert.  Wonderful!

Among the comments posted about this clip is; ‘I want to be Jo Lawry’s microphone’. Yes her performance, you'll notice is passionate and outstanding also!

When I'm working overseas, and especially when I'm traveling solo, this song has the power to get me on a plane, and arrive back home to my darling wife and family unexpectedly early.  It’s a totally passionate, ‘in love’ love song.  Even if Sting is not your thing, you’re very likely to thoroughly enjoy this! Sting: Whenever I say Your Name.


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