Cameron O'Reilly Brings Investment To New Zealand

Today consolidation of manufacturing was announced to create a stronger foundation for future growth in the Australian and New Zealand markets for Heinz. After an extensive review of the trans Tasman manufacturing footprint and capabilities, the decision has been made to consolidate production of sauces, beetroot, and some canned meal products from Australian facilities , to facilities in Hastings.

“These changes to our business will be implemented within 12 months. While a small number of new positions will be created, the Hastings facilities have the infrastructure to absorb the additional volumes into current operations.

Why come here when so many companies are moving out? "New Zealand has a level playing field, it's a good place to invest. And New Zealanders are very special and wonderful people. You have a very good work ethic, farming support, infrastructure - and a very competitive dollar."

Why is Tony O'Reilly, Heinz’s largest private shareholder and one of the world's four Western press barons, the highest-paid CEO in the United States, the man who spent $US3.84 million on the 40-carat diamond ring Aristotle Onassis gave to Jackie Kennedy for his second wife Chryssanthie (Chryss) Goulandris (52) - telling New Zealanders how to put the country back on the road? Because, say the cynics, he has $1.5 billion invested here. Those who know him well don't agree. Their theory? He simply wants to help a country he loves.

O'Reilly says, "If I wasn't an Irishman I'd be a Kiwi."