Phantom of the Opera

Took Sienna and Marlana to the Phantom of the Opera yesterday Totally intoxicating for was beautiful ! They had masquerade masks I'd got them from Venice!!!

Two days ago I won a few industry awards -Gold! Ten years ago this would've been a really big deal for us PR etc.....but it is neat to let the families evolved know that their pictures have been judged 'outstanding' by a panel of 5 judges!

A Buckingham Palace shot you can see on my portfolio is fun...and no, the police would never allow this shot to be taken as you see it! The little guy has a really big 'thing' for the the family love this picture.

I had a big busy blast of a  summer; All over the States, then over to UK, back to N.Y. and all over the States girls were very glad to see me back home.