Burt Bacharach's book is far from 'C Major'-Vanilla!

Burt Bacharach's book,' Anyone who had a heart' really got me, when he said of the pop music of the sixties; 'A lot of those songs consisted of just three chords, C to F to G. If they had thrown in a C major seventh that would have been a lot more interesting, but the plain C major chord just seemed so vanilla to me'.

Perhaps I've been a fan of Burt's all these years without being able to admit it! His music is a 1000 miles from Mick Fleetwood's cowbell thumping 'Gold dust woman', the rip and raw of Neil Young's 'Rust never Sleeps'.... part of my teen age 'sound track'.... but in all my attempts at writing a good 'Beetles tune'... I never had a C major in it...ever! C maj 7th/D perhaps.... Burt has a great quote from Darius Mihaud, his Carpinteria composition teacher; "Never be ashamed to write a melody you can whistle".

The Book started to get me before page 43! .. 'once I saw a piece performed that Lou Harrison had written for Martha Graham. It was sixteen minutes long and thirteen minutes were complete silence'! Additionally, Chapter 3 'I Married an Angel'; 'The attraction between us was physical, because she was really good-looking and had great breasts, which back then could not be prefabricated'!

I've only just started the book, but am sure I'm up for plenty more Bacharach 'raindrop' stories! The writing is a little; and then I went, and then I did, and then I met... however I'm going to stick with it; wishing I was on a Auckland to San Fran flight, getting stuck into it .... there's nothing like laughing out loud on a plane... people looking at you with a, shocked-quizzical-missing-out sort of look!

Ellen DeGeneres and Finding Nemo 2

Finding Nemo is being made into a Finding Nemo 2. We think this is wonderful news and we were even more excited to hear the news that Ellen DeGeneres is entering negotiations to reprise her voice role of forgetful fish Dory.

The character of Dory with her optimism, can do attitude, generosity of heart and humility is so easy to love and a great example to children about how to face challenges and trials. A little too trusting perhaps but a wonderful balance to Marlin the clownfish, who sees the dark and gloomy everywhere and is constantly doing all he can to keep his loved ones safe.

Marlin is easy to understand, he has lived through a worst-case scenario once. My wife can be a bit like Marlin, and she too has lived through several similar worst-case scenarios. Extreme loss leaves a mark. The character of Dory proves a point made by Ralph Waldo Emerson. “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.”

By dwelling on what is gone, we miss what we have. By focusing on what might go wrong, we lose sight of all that is possible.

We wish Victoria Strouse, Andrew Stanton, and the rest of the team working on this project huge success. This is one family looking forward to Finding Nemo 2.

Source: http://mahlonsmissivescom.ipage.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/1091655506_agesc_dory.gif

Louis, The Movie, by Dan Pritzker

Louis, a silent film directed by Dan Pritzker, starring Jackie Earle Haley and Shanti Lowry, will premiere in US cities in late August with live musical accompaniment by Wynton Marsalis, renowned pianist Cecile Licad and a 10-piece all-star jazz ensemble. Marsalis will play a score comprised primarily of his own compositions. Licad will play the music of 19th century American composer L.M. Gottschalk. The group will perform live with the film in a series of special performances in New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, Detroit and Philadelphia. Shot by Academy Award-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond as a modern re-imagining of early silent film, LOUIS is an homage to Louis Armstrong, Charlie Chaplin, beautiful women and the birth of American music. The grand Storyville bordellos, alleys and cemeteries of 1907 New Orleans provide a backdrop of lust, blood and magic for 6 year old Louis (Anthony Coleman) as he navigates the colorful intricacies of life in the city. Young Louis’s dreams of playing the trumpet are interrupted by a chance meeting with a beautiful and vulnerable girl named Grace (Lowry) and her baby, Jasmine. Haley, in a performance reminiscent of the great comic stars of the silent screen, plays the evil Judge Perry who is determined not to let Jasmine's true heritage derail his candidacy for governor.

"The idea of accompanying a silent film telling a mythical tale of a young Louis Armstrong was appealing to me,” says Marsalis. “Of course, calling it a silent film is a misnomer -- there will be plenty of music, and jazz is like a conversation between the players so there'll be no shortage of dialogue."

John Houghtaling and Franco Valobra Hold New Orleans Fundraising Dinner

In support of Louisiana cuisine at a time when its seafood industry has been jeopardized by the Horizon oil spill, world-renowned chefs Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud and Jerome Bocuse will team with New Orleans Chef Scott Boswell for a September 14 fundraiser at his French Quarter restaurant Stella! The event will benefit the Barrier Islands Restoration & Development Society (B.I.R.D.S.) and the Bocuse d'Or USA Foundation. It is the first meal the distinguished chefs will cook together.

"These leaders of America's culinary revolution are committed to preserving our food culture and traditions," said Chef Boswell. "Like me, they're frustrated about the repercussions of the oil gushing in the Gulf, so we will unite in the kitchen to raise funds for our wetlands and the next generation of culinary professionals."

The benefit will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 14, beginning at 7 p.m. with cocktails in the Ursuline Convent gardens, followed by dinner at Restaurant Stella! Tickets for the evening are $2,000 per person, and may be obtained by calling 504-587-0091 (Extension 100) or e-mailing cbrannon@chefscottboswell.com.

New Orleans businessmen John Houghtaling and Franco Valobra organized the event to raise awareness of the region's cuisine and Louisiana's wetlands.

B.I.R.D.S. was formed by a group of concerned civic leaders and Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser to establish, maintain and restore the precious barrier islands of Southeast Louisiana. These natural barriers, which have been disappearing over the last century, provide a first line of defense for the fragile marshes, estuaries, and animal habitats that permeate the landscape surrounding the lower portion of the Mississippi River as it empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

"We've gathered some of the best culinary artists in the world to highlight our cuisine and draw attention to our struggle," Houghtaling said. "The barrier islands are home to brown pelicans, the symbol of our state and the wildlife upon which many of our cultural traditions are based. B.I.R.D.S. is a critically important cause."

Little House On The Prarie

Sienna & Marlana have discovered Little House on the Prairie..... so cute... they love it! The first shows Charles struggling to support the family, he is injured, and his daughters make a show of support to help their father.  The series get's a bit of negativity from some for it's lack of modern ideals, but I'm liking the way it motivates our daughters to see our family.

They're also choosing to watch their favourite movie in French, Italian and of course Spanish...which doesn't cease to amaze me... Donnell hopes it will help them develop an ear for languages.

Tea Time

Donnell hosted a very prim and proper 'tea party' for some of Sienna and Marlana's little (girl) friends... it was just brilliant... Donnell had a chef friend/Mum help with the 'food' and fancy stuff... very memorable...very cute and adorable..


Played golf with a friend last Monday while we were on holiday...named 'Steve'..... He is actually one of my best mates.  He put me on the plane to America when I flew out to meet Donnell all those years ago. I let the girls know the night before why I wouldn't be with them the following morning...Marlana says...'Steve's a bush!..........And indeed he is....a hedge in the Disney movie...'over the hedge'.....

Although it's sort of against my nature to tease...I'm getting good mileage out of this one!

Phantom of the Opera

Took Sienna and Marlana to the Phantom of the Opera yesterday Totally intoxicating for them...it was beautiful ! They had masquerade masks I'd got them from Venice!!!

Two days ago I won a few industry awards -Gold! Ten years ago this would've been a really big deal for us PR etc.....but it is neat to let the families evolved know that their pictures have been judged 'outstanding' by a panel of 5 judges!

A Buckingham Palace shot you can see on my portfolio www.mahlon.com is fun...and no, the police would never allow this shot to be taken as you see it! The little guy has a really big 'thing' for the soldiers..so the family love this picture.

I had a big busy blast of a  summer; All over the States, then over to UK, back to N.Y. and all over the States again.....my girls were very glad to see me back home.