Kauri Cliffs

Don, Glen,Timothy...? (one of the Eagles): I'd like to introduce to you the next president of the United States Mr Jo Walsh! Joe Walsh: 'I'd like to remind you I'm running for president, and here is an industrial love song' ....'my mazuratti does 185, I lost my license and now I don't drive...' Live moments don't get better than that!

I have found Golf 'Heaven'...or at least one of the special clouds...Kauri Cliffs. Look for a book called 'Fairways to Heaven'. Along with Millbrook in Queenstown.  You have just gotta come down here one day.......and experience parts of this beautiful land that is like a serious huge breath of crystal clear air.

A couple of days at Kauri Cliffs (seriously located in the middle of 'no where' ), would have you ....well wanting to come back.