Our babies are soooo cool, fun and happy. We fell very blessed/fortunate/happy and totally and utterly intrigued. It is hard to believe they are really ours!  ( The 'real parents' haven't turned up so we've still got them!) Sienna...loves 'D' words like Dad, duck, dog....if only we could send the sounds this child makes!

Marlana....such a lover of life, as she says to the question, have you had a good day? "All day!" she replies.

We're currently packing up what turned into a big event for us. Donnell and I had an anniversary. We built a stage and put up a concert rig for NZ's top jazz band...and we built a dance floor too, all in our garden with the background of our almost finished house. It was a beautiful night. Our girls loved the music and the dancing bit. Sienna exhausted herself and went to bed gratefully....Marlana giggled, sung, chortled and Rocked till she dropped. She loved the singer....and Caitlin (the singer) loved having Marlana sharing the spot light.