Douglas Myers in NZ Will Take Senses To The Baltics In Summer

International Opportunities for Kiwis has become a well-worn subject with Sir Doug. London-based Sir Doug remains involved with the Business Roundtable, which he once chaired and his primary business interest here is now investing in young students. Sir Douglas Myers is home this week to present the Douglas Myers Scholarship to Cambridge University in England. The scholarship, worth $100,000 a year, is for academically distinguished Kiwi students with leadership potential.

No Myers scholars have returned to New Zealand. Sir Doug used to hope they would bring their success back to New Zealand, he is now au fait with it – his children live overseas.

“That’s the New Zealand experience now – we export people.

“There’s advantage to be had with young people dotted around the place that think well of New Zealand and can be drawn on to give opinions – if Kiwis are willing to listen.”

Sir Doug is not yet returning to New Zealand just yet.

“I may well. It’s more likely this year than five years ago.”

This summer his plans are to take his yacht, Senses to the Baltics. Then fishing in Alaska and Iceland.