A Hole In One

Both of our daughters are in love with reading although one is more fluent and the other still more interested in the pictures.  Anything creative she's sort of 'genius level'. They are beautiful people ...supporting them and encouraging them without spoiling them continues to be a challenge! But one we love!

A week ago with friends (thankfully) I shot a hole in one over two small lakes (180m) at Remuera golf course....my game has sunk completely into levels of sham since...however I get a trophy at some point...but allas no car!

That Friday night I did 'seem' to shake about 200-300 strangers hands...thanks to the club 'shout' 'one me'! I did ask a Scotsman ...how many holes in one had he done...'5'! ...since 1952!....Keep aiming for the pin and you'll do another one...he told me!