Wild Meat Sauce, by a Top Bloke

My 'Jelly and Jam Queen', Mum, sent me a bottle of the Sauce of meat sauces, Glasseye Creek, Wild Meat Sauce, from the Mediterranean Market in Queenstown N.Z. This stuff (sauce) is wow, with a ‘home-grown’ flavour, yet with a ‘Paul Newman’s own’ kinda gotta get some more… ‘pull’!

The ‘good joker’ from the ‘Main land’ (South Island N.Z.) Don Keebles, who is the bloke who beavered away at the recipe, seems resolute to tell the story through his friends, especially his good mate, Dave White who owned the Little Wanganui Pub.

“So, fueled with the West Coast atmosphere, the attitude of the people, the quality of the tucker and the heritage of our newly enlightened patron of the pub, Don set out to create a sauce that captured these elements, to be a best mate of meat and to complement the unique flavours that these premium meats offer! For the next 6 months, in his small kitchen at home, Don produced over 40 different recipes and brews, supported with many a tasting session and a wee tipple with his mates, to eventually hone, refine and settle on the recipe that is now known as Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce”.

“……He was brewing a few bottles here and there for mates who tried it and wanted more. The Little Wanganui Pub then began serving it with most of their meals (not whitebait), and big Dave was using it in his marinades, roast meat gravies, casseroles, stews and pretty much everything he served from his legendary kitchen, which was the home of the famous ‘Fat Bastards Special’”. ~’Our Yarn’, glasseyecreek.co.nz.

The development of the recipe seems to be assisted greatly by good old scotch, so perhaps Don shipped the sauce to his friends in the empty whiskey bottles… and then never stopped using them! If I was a bona-fide foodie, I’d give this saucy stuff all the stars! And then there’s the good bloke; ‘Yoda the Prawn Star’, who’s got a story too!