Sir Ken Robinson, on His Inspirational Father

Sir Ken Robinson asks; 'who inspires you?' (Clip produced by Intel) In this short piece Ken shares with us the story of his own father's triumph over adversity. His father is revealed as a fabulous father, a man of wisdom, through circumstances most of us will never face.

Sir Ken conveys to us how and why his father encouraged him to continually reach out for the self-motivating, renewable power of purposeful education. Wise move. When we listen to Ken, many of us end up endeared to, and I suppose 'scratching our head' with wonder at the sheer thought provoking humanness, the fluid, stimulating emotionally engaging teaching style of Sir Ken Robinson.

Ken's father gave a gift of encouragement and inspiration not only to Ken. Anyone who has had the opportunity to meet Ken, listen to his messages at TED, online, or by written word, I'm sure would agree that a tremendous 'gift' continues to be passed on. This is the perpetual gift of inspiration, that for Ken came from his Dad who for much of his life was paralyzed.

In times like these when most of us are physically able, but frozen mentally and emotionally periodically by uncertainty, reflecting on this story and this gift from father to son can help us look beyond the moment when it comes to what we, with more focused consideration, might offer of real and lasting value to our own children.

Incredibly Ken agreed to be part of our book 'Fabulous Fathers'. We asked him on the basis of being thoroughly engaged by his book; The Element.

Ken and his wife Terry, who is shortly to publish a wonderful new book; India's Summer, are the real deal! 'Beer and 'bangers' with their inimitable family; after a 'laugh till you cry' shoot with them, is one of my top life memories. Ken never turns the sharing and mutual interchange 'off', but here's the thing; you desperately don't want him to! Ken is a Great Dad and Teacher. like his Dad!

By your bedside table, in your library or on your kindle, make room for Ken Robinson's 'works'.. It's a rock solid guarantee you'll be inspired!