Phil Knight and his wife Penny make gift to OHSU

Phil Knight and his wife Penny have provided a transformational gift of $125 million to the Oregon Health & Science University to advance OHSU’s world-class programs in cardiovascular medicine and research. The gift is the largest in OHSU history and may likely be the largest private contribution ever made by living donors to benefit a single Oregon organization. This is the Knights’ second landmark gift to OHSU, following a 2008 pledge of $100 million that advanced the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.

OHSU President Joe Robertson, M.D., M.B.A. commented that “Phil and Penny Knight have made a gift to all Oregonians.”

Phil Knight followed that up by saying “Penny and I are pleased to help upgrade cardiovascular health in Oregon and around the world. Drs. Starr and Kaul have built a great program in research, care and outreach, and we are excited about what it can contribute to the fight against these deadly diseases.”

With the Knights’ support, the leadership duo of Starr and Kaul a heart surgeon and a cardiologist will be able to move forward on a vision to build a comprehensive assault on cardiovascular disease that spans the entire health care spectrum.

Kudos to the Knights for their generosity.