Glass, Sergey Brin, and Diane von Furstenberg

Brin As Rupert Murdoch tweeted when he first saw the Google Glasses on the catwalk, “Genius! Sergey Brin showing revolutionary new glasses at DVF, can take photos, receive texts, give directions, and more.”

I want a pair, primarily for the audio visual function.  The ability to go to the zoo with my daughters and not having to carry a video camera or locate my phone quickly, works for me.


I do wonder that every day social wearing of Glass might be a bit unnerving.  If you have ever tried to have a conversation with someone over lunch while they text another person, you get the idea.  What will the social etiquette be for Glass?

Kudos to Google, and the ever gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg for the innovative pairing of tech and fashion introducing Glass to a creative crowd, otherwise in the dark about the potential of Glass.  Google CEO Sergey Brin and Diane von Furstenberg held hands walking the runway at the end of the show, symbolically marking the collaboration between fashion and tech.