Eli Broad - The Art of Being Unreasonable

Accomplished men usually have something worthwhile to share, sometimes in the form of simple word phrases, triggers ‘game changing’ in personal values.

This article in Fast Company on Eli Broad and his Time Management tips was sent to me by my wife. http://www.fastcompany.com/1836821/how-eli-broad-works-24-7-and-still-gets-8-hours-sleep-every-night

Most of us have read numerous ‘windy’ books on time management, keeping logs, strategies etc.

Eli’s advise is the simple phrase, ‘now let’s move on’ sounds too simple but the way he explains it in terms of moving meetings along that are dragging out, is brilliant!

In addition, the reminder that eight good hours sleep help ensure the other sixteen are well spent is refreshing if, like me, you have the tendency to keep at a thing until it is done. My wife has successfully been getting me in bed in the PM rather the early AM. Life is good, better, obviously simple stuff again, energizing all the same!

It would seem Eli Broad makes time for lighthearted fun, taking off his dress shoes and celebrating in the renovated Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain on Thursday to cap off an opening ceremony for downtown's new Grand Park.

Looking forward to reading and commenting on more of this book as time permits and as an artist, I love the title. The ART of being unreasonable.

Source: http://mahlonsmissivescom.ipage.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Eli-Broad-Art.jpg