Baby Monitor Doesn’t Get More Posh


When our girls were born, we used movement monitors and sound monitors. We live in a building with our offices on the main floor, and living areas on second floor. We were unable to find a nanny that would not interrupt our work through the day (example- asking Donnell to sort and box too small clothes), after the first dismissed herself saying it was just too hard.  Donnell for a time moved her office upstairs. Using monitors helped us both get the most out of the twins sleep time, which was our work time, with less worry.

Recently Withings came out with another tool we would have certainly found pretty cool during the fantastic WOW wow early years.

The Smart Baby Monitor from Withings is truly a game changing device for new moms and dads as it enables you to be in the same room with you child without disturbing their schedule, any time you want to check in and make sure all is well.  Smart Baby Monitor is sleek in design and compact in size, packed with the latest technological features that will put any nervous parent at ease, offers additional peace of mind by offering parents a new way to stay informed about their child’s wellbeing and environment while in another room, from work, when traveling, or having a night out.

The Smart Baby Monitor is equipped with a two way microphone that allows parents to hear their child at all times and also interact and sooth their child even when they are not physically in the room. If the WithBaby application is closed, parents can still monitor and hear the child at all times while it runs in the background. Another feature allows parents to control the music (lullabies) that plays in the room through the monitor and can change songs right from the living room, the office or from anywhere in the world. Alarms may also be set to alert parents of baby sleep disruption.

Its design looks very "apple" the Smart Baby Monitor is now available from for $299.  Looking like a cross between a music box and an iMac mini, the Smart Baby Monitor video capabilities include:

  • A built in loudspeaker to play lullabies (you control the volume)
  • Controllable LED colour changing light acts as a soothing night light
  • Detects movement and noise
  • Sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room
  • Can send you four different types of alerts
  • 3 megapixel high definition video sensor (2048 x 1536 pixels)
  • Intuitive camera angle adjustment and zoom x 4 via virtual PTZ
  • Wide angle shot (90° horizontally, 120° diagonally)
  • LED infrared night vision up to 5 metres with automatic activation system
  • H264 encoding: resolution 512*384, adaptive bandwidth
  • Rechargeable with an included USB cable


The Monitor comes with a free iOS application, WithBaby available from the App Store: with its touch screen interface and it can be used to monitor your baby wirelessly with your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Bluetooth.  Three accounts can access the Smart Baby Monitor simultaneously, so both parents and a nanny can all be watching baby, if need be.  The WithBaby app includes:

  • Watch over baby in exceptional conditions on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • High-resolution video, motion free and intuitive Pan Tilt Zoom, night vision
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Ability to talk to baby, play lullabies or turn on the multicolor night light
  • Monitor noises, motion, temperature and humidity in baby’s room
  • Capacity to set alarms to designated parameters of noise level, motion, temperature and humidity
  • Enjoy an unlimited range: watch over baby at home, on the road or from work
  • Alert logs to monitor and improve baby’s room conditions
  • Simple and intuitive connectivity: Wi-Fi hotspot in your home or via Ethernet cable (with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connected to the internet using WiFi or 3G connection) or Bluetooth when not connected to the Internet.
  • App Languages available: EN, FR, DE, ES & IT

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