5 Ways to be Happier at Work

5 Ways to be Happier at Work


Try these 5 proven tactics to be happier at the workplace.

Tip1. Cultivate Work Friendships

If you’re struggling to relate to your colleagues, get to know them, and accept them for themselves.  Organize some group activities like a barbecue or footie depending on the lifestyle of your coworkers.  Connectedness creates a support system, comradery, a sense of loyalty, and helps make a job more fun.  Helping a moderately engaged worker become a highly engaged worker who contributes more to the bottom line. 

Tip 2. Be a Force for Good

Smiling tells your brain to be happier--thanks to the release of neuropeptides. Smiling is also contagious and will make your co-workers smile as well.  Help others.  When you get your coffee, return with another for your colleague.  Offer to help on a project. Say thank you.  Extending expressions of gratitude help co-workers feel a heightened sense of self-worth.  That is a genuine gift.  Science has shown that being appreciated encourages people to extend support and encouragement to others.  Being positive towards your co-workers seems to create a virtuous cycle.  Make it a habit and don't give up if it doesn't change the environment right away.  Stay proactive.

Tip 3. Take care of Yourself

Work smart. Headaches and fatigue interfere with work performance.  Eating protein, and slow release carbs, keep your blood sugar within a normal range your energy level steady and help you concentrate. Staying properly hydrated makes a big difference. Standing up and moving around regularly keeps your circulation moving and help your mood.  Get some fresh air. Evaluate realistically about what you can manage, and make that work awesome.  Journal positive events.  Think of something you appreciate about each day and write it down. Reward yourself after you've completed a project or had a fruitful day with life-enhancing treats that don't break the bank.  Giving yourself a pat on the back, buy writing about your success in your journal, or share the moment by going out to dinner with your significant other, either way, find the time to reward yourself.  Lastly, take an occasional well-deserved break, a weekend away.  This relieves stress, recharges and improves overall health and productivity.  

Tip 4. Get Organized

Having an organized workplace makes the work environment seem less hectic and stressful and can also improve your happiness and help you be better prepared and work more efficiently. Avoid the additional stress that clutter and scrambling for lost items will cause.   Avoid multitasking since it overwhelms as well as decreases concentration and creativity.  Write down three small things you will get done at the start of each workday. Focus on one task at a time. A simple checklist is a wonderful thing.  

Tip 5. Have a Sense of Meaning

Why are you working so hard? Having a point of focus helps you continuously make decisions that fit into your long-term goals.  Meaningful work contributes to happiness. It's been said the happiest careers are those with a creative angle and a degree of autonomy, with lots of freedom for artistic expression. Still, the meaning behind why you do what you do can matter more than the work itself.  Family matters most to me and is the yardstick by which I measure every opportunity I receive.  Before I was married, my goal was first to support the families of my clients, later, that included my own family, and since my office and team, work beneath our home, the well being and growth of the business has an inextricable outcome to my family.  For me, my meaning is the happiness and success of my family and the families for whom I work.

What gives your work meaning and happiness?

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