Creative Visual Branding

Creative Visual Branding

Creative visual branding can help in more ways than you think.  Being relevant to trends is vital for your business, in a marketing campaign, it’s results that count. 

The most effective result-oriented marketing tools is a creative and authentic anchored Visual Marketing campaign.  High-quality visual campaigns can achieve as much as an estimated 94 percent more voluntary sharing. 

Some of the key reasons to focus on visual campaigns include:

1. Seeing Is Believing
A professional visual campaign can meet the seeing is believing, goal.  Words might be right and might be wrong, but visual information is closer to fact. A professional video and photo-rich marketing campaign will kill doubts that might be lingering in the mind of your next customer.  Does your campaign visually illustrate the benefit of your product or services?

2. Content Remains King
Creative storytelling pictures capture your audience’s interest. Care is needed with stock images as often they have a posed ‘fake feel to them… giving your audience a subconscious ‘pull back’ response! Unique brand content keeps your target audience entertained and engaged. Smart customers know how to spot a quality content. Align your images with a unique marketing angle that will resonate with your viewer.  Provide unique, and optimized content readers can count on for relevancy, and they won't be able to get enough of what you produce. AirNZ's brilliant in-flight videos are a serious part of their marketing message drawing peoples attention to safety issues with exceptional writing and even better visual producers. Everyone watches them!  The videos are fun, unexpected, ooze a ‘we care’ message, and you genuinely feel like you are in friendly sky’s! Other airlines have tried to duplicate AirNZ's success failing to realize there is no formula.  AirNZ's is a unique visual branding campaign creative and fresh. Check out some epic Air New Zealand InFlight Safety videos here. Learn more about the creative agency responsible for the brilliance.

3. Like And Share
Marketing campaigns that spread like wildfire over the net are best. To achieve spread, you need a diverse range of people to like your content and become your brand’s voluntary campaigners, even if they aren’t your target demographic.   A high-quality video or audio-visual slideshow is another useful tool to achieve virality. AV’s can be artistic in appearance and make people look! People love short clips, especially if they evoke feeling. Anything that resonates is likely to be shared with their friends or followers. 

4.  Bonus Visuals Are A Unique SEO Tool
On the tech side; another essential benefit of professional visual content is it can be your backdoor to premium search engine rankings. Rather than focus on breaking into a very congested written content field, it’s more straightforward for remarkable images discovered on the web. These can place your company’s site and content feed on the global map when used wisely.

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