How to Get Great Curls!

How to Get Great Curls!

Most of the New Zealand girls responding to our question on Instagram about using heat tools or just letting their hair style itself most days, said they prefer a natural look.  To be honest, these girls are GORGEOUS!  The kiwi girl natural look is totally working for them!  

So the information below may be moot, but, for the occasional event where you pull out your hot iron these tips might help.

Getting great curls is trickier than it sounds. It is a common myth that the longer you keep your hair curler in your hair, the longer your that curl will last (not really!) or maybe you're holding your heat tool the wrong way.

There are a lot of reasons why your hair curling might not be giving you results. Regardless of whether your #hairgoals are twists, waves, or something in the middle, here are 11 hair curling mistakes — and how to better aim at fantastic hair days, consistently. 

1. Investment:  Put resources into the best tool you can afford, rather than a shabby device.  The cheaper the tool, the sooner it breaks AND cheaper tools are inconsistent in heat distribution meaning some parts can get super hot and fry your hair.

2. Size: Are you after tight twists or big waves?  Smaller barrels are great for tight twists but not loose waves. Pick an iron maybe 1¼" or 1½" for a looser wave.

3. Wet Hair:  Twisting wet hair onto a hot iron could harm your strands.  Even if it is just damp dry it completely with a blow dryer on the cool so it's totally dry.

4. Heat:  Be conscious of heat settings. Research suggests that most hair sorts, remaining around the 400 Fahrenheit or 204 Celsius is a decent dependable guideline. Better hair sorts can go down 10-20 degrees, and denser, coarser hair sorts can dial it up a couple of degrees. Delicate hair ought to stay around 350 Fahrenheit or 176 Celsius and color treated hair ought to use a lower temperature to expand the life of hair color. 

5. Sheild:  Ideally protect with a warmth protectant.

6. Twisting the wrong way: For loose waves, twist away from your face.  When hair is twisted towards your face, it looks more like vintage waves.

7. You're not holding it at the right angle. Hold your iron on a level plane=tighter, bouncier curls. Holding it vertically = more vogue, beachy waves.  Holding it corner to corner = more volume at the root. 

8.  Holding hair curler for too long: Fine hair doesn't require as much time as coarse, thick hair. Tap hair while still wrapped around the iron and if excessively hot, remove the hair!  10 seconds is a decent general guideline for most hair sorts, with somewhat less time for fine hair.

9. Separate your hair: Bring the greater part of your hair forward and clip up from your lower layers, then curl the bottom first. This will save time you time and give you even curls.

10. Curling too much at once:  A few people feel that to get a free wave, you have to curl vast segments, yet the kind of wave you accomplish is really controlled by the method you use to curl.  Curl 1" by 1" areas for better-structured curls that last. If you need to diminish the wave, run your fingers through or brush them out once they cool

11. Touching too soon:  As above, styling curls before they cool breaks down your curl.  When you let a curl go, move to the next. Or, even pin the curl up to cool if you are after tight curls.